CES 2015: SVALT Cooling MacBook Dock

01/08/2015 15:04

MacBooks are great, but sometimes they get a little hot. There are many fan cooling stands available, but very few docks. Those who want to connect their Mac to an external display and close the lid could benefit from this. If you’re doing something taxing on your system like exporting a video you may have noticed that the fans kick on not too long after the export process starts. That’s where the SVALT D comes in. It’s a dock for your MacBook that has one big cooling fan to make sure your Mac’s fans don’t start.

While it doesn’t feature any extra ports or anything, it’ll still be beneficial to many people. The dock is made of solid aluminum will fit with your setup. The SVALT D works on the MacBook Air (11- and 13-inch) and the MacBook Pro with Retina Display (13- and 15-inch). 

SVALT has not yet begun accepting orders, but if you sign up for their email newsletter they are giving away invites to pre-order in February. The dock will be priced between $130 and $150.




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